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Hydi - Smart Automated DWC System for any Grow tent


Your Automated,

All-In-One Hydroponic System

 Built for Results!

High Yields, High Rewards

Fully Equipped and Ready To Go

Our Story

Years ago, we found issues with the quality and consistency of the plants we were getting - so naturally, we thought... Why not grow our own?

Home grow was the answer but understanding the process of growing from seed to harvest, took a lot more time and hardships than we’d like to admit.

We had many things to figure out. It started with which medium, what pH levels, which nutrients and how should they be delivered. Then lights, tent size and don’t even get us started on water, oxygenation, chilling etc.. Now to successfully make all the right decisions and not only have a living crop, but a high yield, proved to be difficult, to say the least. But we were not alone! We learned that almost all growers had these same issues .. leading us to create Hydi.

We are not wizards, but a group of enthusiasts with engineering backgrounds, who after years of cultivation experience, we were able to get our growth cycles down to a science. We automated these processes and created Hydi, the first all-in-one d.w.c (deep water culture) growing system built for results.

Finally, everyone no matter their level of growing expertise can have the yield they want and the top-shelf medicine they need.

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It’s time to stop guessing and start growing with Hydi.

Want to be the first to have Hydi in your home?

We are now accepting reservations for our first roll-out.

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Fully-Automated, From Seed to Harvest
Low Profile, Designed To Leave You With Space for Taller Plants. 
App-Controlled, Oversee Everything From Anywhere
Quiet, Built-in, Water Temp Control (Chiller & Heater)
6 Nutrient & pH Pumps With Tailored, Automated & Scheduled Feedings
Silent, Super Oxygenated Water, With No Moving Parts

How we do it 

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