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Hydi - Fully Automated DWC hydroponic system for home grow. fits inside any grow room


The Perfect Upgrade To Any Grow Space

Hydi is the first all-in-one automated D.W.C growing system in the world.

And is the easiest way to get into hydroponic and successfully grow BIG plants. Every time!

pH & Nutrient Doser and Calculated Feeding

Hydi - Automated DWC system. nutrient doser six bottles
Nutrient management:

With Hydi you don’t need to read any more feeding charts. Each grow recipe is specifically tailored to your grow space and the results you are looking for. No more nutrient bottles hanging around the house. It’s clean. And easy.

With room for four bottles of nutrients and four pumps for their delivery, Hydi will automatically dose your plants as needed - for the tightest feeding regime available.

Best pH & Nutrient Line, for results you are looking for
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Hydi - Hydroponic system - easy ph and ec sensor calibration section

Root Zone Temperature Control

Keeping roots healthy is all about keeping your nutrient solution at the right temperature.

Yet, every cooling unit we found out there is loud. Very loud.
Our solution eliminates 90% of moving parts meaning you get a quiet, reliable, temperature control solution, that manages the tank's temperature on your behalf.
And the Hydi App has eyes on the whole process for you.


Oxygenated Roots, No Heat or Pathogens from Outside.

ZERO Noise and 100% Reliable.

Silent Oxygenation

We got rid of the old school noisy air pump and cloggy air stones while introducing 50% more dissolved oxygen to the roots.
Hydi - The Future of Home Grow Automated watering, top off, never forget to water your plants again

Automated Water Handling

Never forget to water your plants again!

Hydi will fill, top-off and drain its tank all by itself. Equipped with three contactless sensors, Hydi will report when the water level is full, middle, and empty.
Just connect Hydi to an external water tank; place the hose by a drain and in fewer steps than a washing machine - your Hydi is fully automated.

Want to water manually?

Hydi will send you water notifications!

Learn more about how to water your plants?
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Hydi - Automated dwc system that controls your grow tent room environment temperature and humidity too

Total Environment Control

Each Hydi comes equipped with a highly accurate temperature and humidity sensor that you can hang at the height of your canopy.

Together with our app, you will get notifications and allow you to improve your room constantly.

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Peripherals Device

The Hydi wireless Smart Plugs are electric sockets that control the 110/220 Volt grow box/grow tent appliances like light, exaust fan, humidifier and more via Wi-Fi. *Up to 10 Amp

Up to 6 Smart Plugs can be associated with each Hydi system.

Hydi - Grow tent smart plugs control your lights. fan, humidifier
Hydi Grow tent background image

Control Your Grow On-the-Go With The Hydi App!

The Hydi app allows you to monitor and adjust your Hydi’s settings from where ever you find yourself. So finally you can take the reins over every part of your growing process.

You’ll receive instant notifications about your babies delivered to your phone in real-time all through one easy interface.

Want to water your Hydi manually? You don’t have to… but if you do, Hydi will remind you by sending you watering notifications so your babies won’t even know you forgot them.

We did tell you we’d make it simple…
and that’s what we are here to deliver.

Hydi App - monitor your plants and control your grow from anywhere in the world

We Leave You With the Fun Stuff!

Tie the Plant
or ScrOG Your way

LST, Scrog, or let it grow wild.

Each unit comes with 10 tie-downs so you can strategically tie the plant as it grows to allow more light penetration and, therefore more yield.
We designed poles that are versatile, extendable, and allow you to place nets wherever you need them. Hell, you can go triple netting if want!

Hydi - the future of home grow automated dwc, easy manage your plants with LST scrog and tie downs.

Oled Screen

We made sure you had an OLED screen that allows you to get a quick visual of the parameters you need the most. Highly visible in a bright room, your smart OLED screen turns off automatically at night, so as not to disturb your precious plants.

Hydi - The Future of Home grow - Monitor your plants garden ph, ec, room temps humidity from oled display

Clean and Tidy

An all-in-one grow tent, Hydi allows you to keep your grow area and home clean and tidy. With separate compartments for each plant allowing for Tie Downs, ScrOG and whatever you see fit - you can ensure each plant has everything it needs to flourish.

Water tank Capacity:

net 10 gallon, 40 liters


56lb, 25.5 kg (With package), 44lb, 20kg (w.o package)

Technical Specs

Weight and Dimensions
Water Sensors:
  1. pH

  2. EC

  3. Water Tank Level

  4. Water Tank Temperature

Environmental Sensors:
  1. Temperature

  2. Humidity

Water management:
  1. Automated Fill & Drain

  2. Automated top off

  3. Inlet hose connector

  4. Outlet hose connector.


Dual quiet chillers.


1 X Very Silent Oxygenation

Dosing system:

6 X Accurate Dosing Pumps
6 X 500ml Bottles



Wifi - 2.4ghz

Bluetooth 5.0

External Antenna

Background Image

Interested in being one of the first to have Hydi in your home?

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