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Root Zone Temperature Control

Keeping roots healthy is all about keeping your nutrient solution at the right temperature.

Yet, every cooling unit we found out there is loud. Very loud.
Our solution eliminates 90% of moving parts meaning you get a quiet, reliable, temperature control solution, that manages the tank's temperature on your behalf.
And the Hydi App has eyes on the whole process for you.

Nutrient management:

With Hydi you don’t need to read any more feeding charts. Each grow recipe is specifically tailored to your grow space and the results you are looking for. No more bottles hanging around the house. It’s clean. And easy.

With room for four bottles of nutrients and four pumps for their delivery, Hydi will automatically dose your plants as needed - for the tightest feeding regime available.

pH & Nutrient Doser and Calculated Feeding

Best pH & Nutrient Line, for results you are looking for

Hydi is the first all-in-one automatic D.W.C growing system in the world.

And is the easiest way to get into hydroponic and successfully grow BIG plants. Every time!