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Introducing the Hydi Automated Grow Tent Kit

Your Complete Indoor Growing Solution.

Controlling the elements in your home is difficult to say the least.

But, after years of testing different lights, fans, grow tent sizes, and all other sorts of equipment, we finally found what works - and wrapped it up into the Hydi Grow Tent

Guarantee the highest yield with total environmental control.


Just Measure your grow space


Choose the Hydi Grow Tent that suits your space and growing needs.


Set up your Hydi and watch your babies flourish.

It’s that simple!

The Hydi Grow Tent kit Comes With:


The fully automated hydroponic system

High-Quality Durable Grow Tent
LED Grow Light

Air Filtration Kit

Quiet Inline Fan with Filter & Ducting Combo

8 Light and Carbon Hangers

Reverse Osmosis Purifying System + Water Tank

Never forget to water your plants again!

Grow fully automatic and forget about watering again.  R.O water are super good for your plants and for Hydi longevity. 


With our Reverse Osmosis system you get <0.1 E,C from tap.  which is what we want for our precious plants.

Each water tank is fitted with a flow valve so you can connect your R.O straight to it. 

The water tank then connected to Hydi. 

And your next vacation will be carefree.

Grow Tent Humidifier

If you already have a grow tent you probably have one. 

If you don’t, you will probably want one.

A humidifier is a great way to add humidity to your grow tent.

Couple that with Hydi’s humidity sensor we can automate your environment humidity levels

Total Environment Control

Each Hydi comes equipped with a highly accurate temperature and humidity sensor that you can hang at the height of your canopy.

Together with our app, you will get notifications and allow you to improve your room constantly.

Tie the Plant
or ScrOG Your way

LST, Scrog, or let it grow wild.

Each unit comes with 10 tie-downs so you can strategically tie the plant as it grows to allow more light penetration and, therefore more yield.
We designed poles that are versatile, extendable, and allow you to place nets wherever you need them. , go triple if want!

Oled Screen

We made sure you had an OLED screen that allows you to get a quick visual of the parameters you need the most. Highly visible in a bright room, your smart OLED screen turns off automatically at night, so as not to disturb your precious plants.

Clean and Tidy

Because Hydi integrates everything in one sexy looking device, 

There are no more nutrient bottles hanging around your house, no measuring cups, no spills, and no messy soil. 

Ask your wife, see what she has to say. 

Peripherals Device

The Hydi wireless Smart Plugs are electric sockets that control the 110/220 Volt greenhouse/grow tent appliances (lamps, extractors, irrigation pumps up to 10 Ampere) via Wi-Fi.

Up to 6 Smart Plugs can be associated with each Hydi system.